Classification and Compensation Study

Welcome to the 2021 Classification and Compensation project home page. This page is intended to be an easy place for employees and their representatives to access the material related to the study. Below is a brief explanation for each of the links on this page.

The Class Structure Summary link below opens a pdf file that provides a quick overview of classification titles by structure in ascending order. This will help those who are interested in better understanding where their classification fits relative to others in their career field as well as the path within their career.

The second link is the Proposed Classifications page. This will list all of the classifications as they have been proposed by the consultant along with the actual classification description.

The last link is the Classification Titles by Department and Employee. Here you can see the recommendations that the consultant made for all employees. This has been split up by department and in some cases by Division to make it easier for you to find your position and to see how those you work most closely with were classified. The column titled “Department’s Recommended Working Title” contains working titles for the classification as submitted by the individual department.

Class Structure Summary
Proposed Classifications (January 2021)
Classification Titles by Department and Employee
Proposed Salary Schedule